Smart phones and tablet will surpass PCs in usability

Smart phones and tablets are taking over the world day by day. Just see, soon there will be more smart phones in the world than personal computers. Technologies firm Gartener foretells that there will be 1.82 billion smart phone in comparison to 1.78 billion PC by 2013, even though these figures do not include tablets. Smart phones and tablets have become amazingly powerful in a short time span. In the latest gadgets there is everything such as gigahertz-class dual processor, RAM and high definition display that is not available even with computers.

Forrester Research says that in 2010 Apple managed a sale of 14.8 million iPad Deals and by 2015, 82 million people in the US alone may be using tablets. As for the price, it is continuously falling and they are being improved incessantly, they seem to have great future in years to come. We go acquainted with both mobile phones and computers almost in the same year of twentieth century. Though the prototype of mobile phones has not been changed much till now, only the inside of these gadget keeps changing. Even though affordable mobile phones are endowed with Wi-Fi and GHz processor, touch screen and what not. So where are they heading for? There is a lot of difference in the making of PCs and Sim Free Phones. cell phone providers

You can make small changes such as installation of latest fastest multi-core processors, graphic cards, Gigabyte of RAM, without affecting the main body. However, even small changes with mobile phones can have big effect. For instance a bigger touch screen makes a smart phone heavy in look and it dramatically leeches in the life from battery. On the other hand, if you remove the screen and the battery you are left with tiny space that houses processor, RAM, several audio, video player and camera etc, so it is not the case with a PC. By virtue of all these and many more attributes, smart phone and tablets are occupying a lion’s share in gadget world. In years to come they will certainly surpass the the importance of Contract Phones.

The Butterfly may mark the comeback of HTC

It is like ages since HTC is in the news for good reasons. However, that period might come to an end now, as it has launched a full HD smartphone named HTC Butterfly in Taiwan, which is receiving a lot of applause from the smartphone lovers. In addition to this, HTC become the first ever mobile manufacturing company to launch a complete HD handset in any market, as this phone is already being sold in the US market with another name that is HTC DROID DNA, which is available on the Verizon’s contract. best cell phone plans 2015

It was on 11 December 2012, when the HTC’s homeland saw the amazing Butterfly for the first time. And as the phone is already available in a number of countries, HTC can proudly say that it has revealed a HD handset when all other companies are busy in manufacturing them. At the event where the device was revealed, Jack Tong, the HTC President for Northern Asia region was also available, who stated that the company would be shipping a great number of handsets by the end of December itself, as with the HTC Butterfly, they have already tasted the success in Japan, and would like to get the same response from here. cheap cell phone plans

He also stated that the company would also be changing gears for its marketing strategy in two different ways. According to him, the mobile manufacturer is planning not to reboot its flagship phones so quickly, and this will help the company to market its flagship for a longer period of time. Additionally, the firm also has a plan to launch new but easily affordable smartphones, which would be available within a range of $175 to $350. With this strategy, the company believes that it would be able to target the young audience, and make them upgrade their existing basic phones with the smart and sexy HTC Butterfly.